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Wired: feedback: Story: Art and Tech, Together Again
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Friday, 9 April 2004 12:07:03 PM
Pontus Hulten's basic information did come from the groundbreaking innovation of
the videosyntheziser temporary build by the swedish artists Ture Sjolander and
Bror Wikstrom 1965/66. See
1964 and 1965 Ture Sjolnader's MACHINE ART EXHIBITION was even earlier than many
of the american pop artists. Oyvind Fahlstrom and Pontus Hulten left Sweden as
Sweden did not fully supported all this s.c. ground breaking innovations. 
Ture Sjolander did not move to US but his works, like MONUMENT 1967 was televised to 
a hugh audience in Europe, something like 150 million people.
Ture Sjolander never liked to belong to any groups of artists less being an
artist placed in a kinda "stable" made up by artcurators at the museums  or artgallery owners.
Read about the Automatic Light Painting from 1964/65 purshased by Pontus Hulten
1966 for Moderna Museet in Stockholm:
Ture Sjolander
the Person of the Century.